The Secrets Of A Successful Entrepreneur

Everyone likes to be useful and lead a successful life. Successful living is a measure of productivity, and entrepreneurship confirms productivity. Thus, to be a successful entrepreneur you need to understand entrepreneurial secrets.

As important as it is to succeed in business and in life, most individuals with a dream, eagerness and desire to begin a business pull back when confronted with the requirements of entrepreneurship. It seems as if entrepreneurship is for a select few.

If you desire to be a successful entrepreneur, but you don’t know what to do next, congratulations! You’re about to discover what it takes to be an entrepreneur in this post!

Here we will discuss how to become an entrepreneur, the path that you can choose, and the five-step process that will bring you all the way to your business.

We will also discuss the different industries, fields, routes and services that you can follow to become an entrepreneur. Becoming an entrepreneur is not one-dimensional but multi-dimensional.

As I go through these here with you, ask yourself which of these paths resonates with you. Make a list of three, explore the three, choose one path, and give it 10 years.

Let’s begin by answering the following questions first: 

1. What type of business can I begin to become a successful entrepreneur?

It takes adequate thinking and brainstorming to arrive at a business route.

Thinking through an entrepreneurial route

There are various business routes that you can start to become a successful entrepreneur. Let’s consider these paths to see which one of them is sparking.

1. Financial.

Financial might be many things. It might be insurance. Stocks. Real Estate. Artwork. FOREX, commodities. It’s all component of the financial.

2. Consultation. 

You might be someone who assists with a strategy, enjoy assisting a company put together a strategy, and bringing it to the next level.  The advice of a lawyer, IT consulting, commercialization, advertising, CPA, are all component of the consultation process.

3. Services.

Service for me is displaying or deploying expertise in return for cash or a premium. You may be a personal trainer, car wash, cab driver, haircuts, etc. That’s service.

4. Hospitality.

Hospitality may be a restaurant, hotel, bar, etc.

5. Invention.

It could be research and production. It could be a technology. You can invent the next table that transforms into a different item. You can do all these stuff as an inventor.

6. Nutrition.

That’s fitness and health. You can choose the nutrition route, the gym route, the medical route depending on which calls on you. Maybe you’ll like to discover the cancer cure. Or go out and open a gym. A gym combined with a library that makes your gym very different. Can you imagine that on this side you’re buying books, and you will lift weights on the other side? Here you have a smoothie after your workout, and there are books you want to buy? This might be an incredible concept for you to think about.

7. Manufacturing.

Like cars, computers, clothes. There are some people who love clothing; They see fashion where they look at people and just know how to put it together.

8. Language.

You speak a variety of different languages. You want to bring this to the next level.

9. Entertainment.

Graphic design, movies, dancing, editing, music, writing, acting, makeup could be entertainment. For you, this route may be intriguing.

10. Agriculture.

This can be a farm, equipment, natural resources, oil, etc.

Choose one and stick to it for 10 years.

2. How can I become A Successful Entrepreneur?

Every one who is willing to learn can become a successful entrepreneur

Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

After identifying or connecting with say financial or consulting or service. What do you do next? Good question.
Let me outline five steps that you can take to make the chosen field or route a lasting success.

1. Choose one of these routes to start as a successful entrepreneur

2. Go find a place to work to learn how to become a successful entrepreneur

You are not yet an entrepreneur. But go find a workplace and learn from someone who knows what they are doing. This way, you’re learning the secrets to become a successful entrepreneur.

3. Become an expert on one thing if you must become a successful entrepreneur

For example, you can go into insurance, learn under a company, or let’s just say you have a job; you work under a company that’s doing what you intend to do. Or you go somewhere under a great producer where you learn and learn how to do all the stuff he is doing. You go to a hotel, a restaurant, and from the bottom you work. You’re a busboy and then you’re a hostess and a waiter. Then you become a manager of the restaurant. Then in the restaurant you move up and you say, man, that’s interesting. I want to run a restaurant with a very massive chain!

4. Find one or two ways to improve it as a successful entrepreneur

So, you will write things and say, “I’d do it much better if we did it this way.”

5. Become a leader as a hallmark of a successful entrepreneur

One either in the business where you have a voice and ask for ownership of a piece of the business or aim to have a piece of the company. Two, if they say no, leave, and go to another place where you can own or start a piece of your company and become an entrepreneur.

I get lots of individuals saying to me; I have this great idea. What do I do with this great idea that I have with the company I worked?  Because I want to start a business, but I have no cash. How do I become an entrepreneur?

Every successful entrepreneur I know has been working somewhere, making money, saving the money, and then starting a business.

That is how it works.

It’s not just I’ve never run a business before or taken a job before, I’ve accomplished nothing before, can you give me half a million dollars to set up my business, please?

No, that’s not how it works.

There’s an evolution or development you have to go through to become a successful entrepreneur.

Now, there are many paths, just like a relationship. You can meet someone and marry them out of the church. Somebody else is meeting them on Instagram. Another person meets them online. Someone meets them on Facebook. Another person finds them at a party, and someone finds them in a restaurant.

So there are as many routes as you can, but for entrepreneurship, these steps I explain here are the five steps that are the most popular methods for a successful entrepreneur to build a business, succeed, make a ton of money for himself, and have fun doing it.

3. How does a successful entrepreneur advertise his business?

Successful entrepreneurs advertise their product to convert sales.


If you’ve started a company or become an entrepreneur, getting people to buy your product or service will be your next most significant element of entrepreneurship.  A successful entrepreneur must learn how to get people to patronize what he does and keep them as customers or clients so as to grow his business.
If need be, take a course on customer service management to know how to manage your customers. Learn how to use persuasive and emotional words to sell them your goods.  Everyone who visits your business is a potential customer. Devise a means to convert them into active customers. Use a bait and bonus principles to convert and retain them.

There are three ways to do it:

1. Face-to-face contact

2. Online

3. Calls by phone

Whatever it is, find a better way to do it.

Whichever steps you take to start your business, don’t forget that you must choose from a route, build it by giving it time and learn the process it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

Your success as an entrepreneur hinges on how fast you learn these steps.
See you on the other side of success as you emerge a world class entrepreneur.

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