Job Interview: How To Master It Absolutely.


Are you one of the many curious and anxious young graduates who asked: “How do I win a job interview without experience?” Maybe you’re asking this question because you’ve made several attempts to get a job. Or maybe you’ve met the fact that you don’t have the experience that the employer requires to get the job!
You feel disappointed, and you don’t really know what to do. Don’t worry anymore, just by finding this post you stumbled on the solution!
I would like to share a key exercise with you. Whether you have the experience or not, before you send out another resume and go on interviews, you’ll have to take note of some points here. Because, after reading through this post, you will definitely know how to win that dream job!

The Key To Winning Your Job Interview

If you are looking for the best approach even without experience to land your dream job, you must first recognize that it has nothing to do with the resume or interview itself. Rather, it has more to do with you as a person. So you certainly have to pay attention to me and attempt to debunk your previous hypothesis as you read on.

In other words, you could not convey your personal brand.

Personal Brand Defined

You may be someone without experience, particularly where you’re just at the very early point of setting up your career. Or you’re someone who’s already had a past career but you want to move to another market or sector that’s completely distinct from your past career and experience. What you have to understand is that, if you want to stand out among potential staff, or you want to stand out among the crowd, you need to have what’s called a ‘personal brand’.

How Personal Brand Can Help You Win A Job Interview

Your personal brand is much more than the resume or the stuff you’re talking about in an interview. And it has nothing to do with getting the precise knowledge in that role or in that industry. Even though these are important instruments that you’d use to assist you communicate your personal brand.

Demands Of Personal Brand
Think about it this way: As an employer, what do you believe someone who was a perfect candidate for the position would want them to do?

1. They’d want someone to show who they are. Thus, for example, by showing a positive attitude, by showing confidence, someone who is eager, someone who is useful.

2. They also want someone to show what they are capable of. You can relate to this fresh chance by displaying what you have experienced in the past.

3. And then they also want someone to show what makes them worthwhile. So, for instance, if in the past you were willing to do something or achieve something, how can you apply the same expertise and design it for this fresh chance? Project it for the future? What are you planning to do in this fresh position?

All these individual parts illustrate obviously what they are about your personal brand.

Leveraging On Past Experience To Win In A Job Interview

So what I’m attempting to say is, you must be prepared to put the pieces together if you want a powerful personal brand. You need to be prepared to use the skills you’ve acquired. And the expertise you’ve acquired up to this stage. Whether they connect to this present job position, job title, tasks or not. It does not matter.

Let me show you something you’ve probably not noticed about yourself. Your years of training and the industrial attachments are part of the experiences you need to bring to consideration when applying for a job.
Talk about how you accomplished that project assigned to you. Or how you led a team to meet a goal or perform a task. That’s what you want your employers to understand. They want to see your ability to solve problems, your skills, and your confidence. It’s more about how these experiences relate to your personal brand. And how can you communicate that and connect it to that position in front of you?

How To Promote Yourself In A Job Interview

Unless you know how to connect the dots, you probably won’t make it past the first or second round of interviews. Because what is going to happen is, you’re going to keep telling yourself, “I don’t have any expertise with this work. I don’t have any experience with this job.” And as you respond to questions from your interview, they’re going to realize that the responses are missing in some manner, shape or form.

The way to promote yourself is through your personal brand. Always remember to use the experiences and insights you’ve acquired from the past to articulate who you are, what you are capable of, and what makes you special. That’s really going to assist you stay apart from the competition if you can display those.


In summary, to get the best out of interview even without experience, you must build your personal brand. Personal branding therefore, is the ability of an individual to package and communicate himself in a way that is sellable and valuable. It is that thing that fixes the problems that many young graduates face, when searching for jobs. While those who understand it have tons and tons of opportunities and offers that they probably don’t know which to choose from.

Armed with this knowledge, I know you will no longer have the problem of failing in any interview. You will confidently go out there and approach that interview with a new sense of responsibility and readiness.

Note: I assist my clients create their own brand and move from zero job offers to various job offers. I’ve had a lot of success stories from clients and I’m sure I can also assist you. So if you’re interested, feel free to contact me or leave your comment below. Tell me about the difficulties you encountered while trying to discover your dream job. I’m going to be happy to hear from you.
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